At a glance BAF Shaheen College Jessore

Organization Name: BAF Shaheen College Jessore
Location: Bangladesh Air Force, Base Bir Shrestha Matiur Rahman, Jessore.
Established: January 26, 1986
Recognition by the Board of Education: October 31, 196
Bangla as well as English medium introduced: January 1,
1989 Upgraded to higher secondary college: July 1, 1980
Bengali as well as English medium introduced: January 1, 2006
School recognition: July 1, 1967
College recognition: July 1, 1989
School Code: 1262
College Code: 1051
EIIN: 116115
Higher Secondary Center Code:403 (Jessore-29)
Institution Type: Primary, Secondary, Higher Secondary
Medium: (Bangla & English)
Shift: Morning & Day (Day shift up to 3rd class)
Secondary Level: Science, Humanities & Business Education (Bangla & English Medium)
Higher Secondary Level Lesson: Science, Humanities & Business Education (Bangla Medium)
Science & Business Education (English Medium) Number of subjects studied
at secondary level: 25 Number of subjects studied
at higher secondary level: 22
Number of classes: 13 (Children’s class from Higher Secondary to 2nd year)
Class schedule :08:45 to 13.50 hrs (detailed schedule))
Weekly Holiday: Friday
Parent Meeting: Saturday (0900 hrs to 1200 hrs)
Make-up Class: Saturday (if applicable)
Branch Number: School: 80 through Bangla and English medium 17
Colleges: 26 through Bengali, 4 through English,
Number of houses: 4 (Robin, Marlin, Eagle, Falcon)
Number of teachers: 69 (39 in higher secondary, 44 in secondary, 12 in English, 10 in primary)
Officers and Number of employees: 26 Number of
computer labs: 1
Number of science laboratories: 6
Number of Library Books: 10,530
College Anniversary
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