This educational institution is located in the beautiful environment of natural beauty of Birshreshtha Matiur Rahman, Bangladesh Air Force Base near Jessore city. This historic institution has been relentlessly playing its role as an artisan of building a skilled nation to meet the challenges of the 21st century. In order to build a digital Bangladesh, the institute has been formulating curricular co-curricular activities with the application of new teaching methods instead of the traditional ones. Inter-Shaheen football, cricket, quiz, to help students achieve physical, mental, moral and social excellence. The institute plays a leading role in cultural activities including debates and math competitions. The organization is carrying out specific programs by setting up “Green Campus” to make people from all walks of life aware of social health and hygiene. There are rich computer labs and multimedia for science and technology students. Above all, the purpose of the organization is to develop them as full human beings and good citizens by helping them to develop modern education as well as character traits. This educational institution has the opportunity to study science, business education, humanities and English version. The intensive supervision of the College Governing Council, the diligent efforts of the teachers and the hard work of the students are commendable for achieving the highest academic success.